Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carcinoma of gall bladder:

This was a patient of right hypochondrial pain. Sonography of the liver and gall bladder show (see ultrasound image above), a poorly defined mass in the region of the Gall bladder fossa with a large calculus trapped within the mass. (Image is courtesy of Vikas Shukla, MD, India). This is a typical appearance of late stage (advanced) gall bladder carcinoma with the cancer having spread beyond the confines of the GB wall. For more images and details of this disease, visit:
You can find a lot many images of this other pathologies of the GB at this site. Among the topics I have covered on this page are:
1) Normal variants of the gall bladder 2) Normal sonographic anatomy of GB
3) GB carcinoma 4) Mirizzi syndrome 5) 3-D imaging of GB calculi
Also visit:
where there are images and description of GB polyps and diffuse as well as segmental adenomyomatosis of gall bladder.
On the page:
you will find coverage of mucocele and pyocele of the gall bladder.
What is the sonographic appearance after cholecystectomy/ surgical removal of the GB?

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