Monday, June 30, 2008

An update of the newest additions to my website

Dear readers,

Just added a nice case, of pelvic kidney in a neonate at: The child had an imperforate anus with suspected recto-uterine fistula. Placed the high resolution ultrasound probe on the pelvis and saw a pelvic kidney, the left kidney not being seen in the left renal fossa. A clear example of renal ectopia! I have added 7 ultrasound images for this case of pelvic kidney at the link above. This page is freshly created and devoted to pediatric abdomen. What was interesting was that the pelvic kidney appeared round or oval in shape, suggestive of some degree of malrotation of the renal axis.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A sonographic atlas of the appendix-in ebook format

Here is a great (e-book) Atlas of sonographic images (version 1.0) of the appendix in Microsoft Power Point (.pps format). Covering almost all major pathologies of the appendix, this will be useful as a guide to normal and the abnormal appendix. It contains more than 25 high resolution ultrasound images, all of which are well labelled and captioned, leaving little to the imagination. Among the topics covered in this e-book are 1) normal appendix 2) acute appendicitis 3) chronic appendicitis 4) subhepatic and pelvic locations of the appendix 5) perforation 6) color doppler imaging of the appendix 7) appendicolith etc. It can be downloaded instantly for a mere $ 5.0 via secure site.
Or perhaps you might want to download another version 2.0 of this sonographic Atlas priced at a mere $ 7.0 at this secure site. This e-book (version 2.0) is in .pdf (adobe acrobat reader) format and can be downloaded at:
Adobe reader can be downloaded for free from
Version 2.0 contains more than 40 high res ultrasound images of appendicular pathology.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gall bladder sludge in neonate:

These ultrasound images of a neonatal abdomen show a large amount of dense sludge in the gall bladder. Such sludge formation in neonates is often seen following parenteral nutrition and is usually self resolving.
Visit the page: for ultrasound images of pediatric and neonatal diseases. At present I have added a few cases of neonatal intracranial/ germinal matrix hemorrhage and its complications, notably porencephaly. There is also a nice case of inguinal hernia containing ovary.

A web page of ultrasound images of renal calculi (kidney stones)

Just added some great images of renal calculi (commonly known as kidney stones)..from the usual to the unusual staghorn calculi. Just visit: Staghorn calculi or triple phosphate calculi can be silent until they reach phenomenal proportions like this calculus which occupied half of the kidney. Luckily, in the case described at the link above, there was only mild hydronephrosis of the affected kidney.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Multinodular goiter

These ultrasound images of a middle aged female patient reveal: a) multiple solid nodules of varying sizes in both lobes of the thyroid gland b) coarsening of the echotexture of the thyroid gland c) cystic lesions scattered throughout the gland d) diffuse increase in size of the thyroid.
e) color doppler imaging reveals moderate augmentation of the vascularity of the thyroid. These findings suggest multinodular goiter of the thyroid. For more ultrasound images of thyroid pathology, visit:
-- Editor

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cystic lesions of the thyroid

Thyroid cyst with nodule within it:

Ultrasound images of the thyroid revealed a large cystic lesion with an irregular solid nodule along the margin of the cyst. Doppler imaging shows absence of significant vascularity in the nodule. This means that the nodule may be formed by debris within the cystic mass, typically seen in colloid cysts of the thyroid. For more such interesting ultraound images and case studies of the thyroid, visit:
Images courtesy of Dr. Ravi Kadasne, UAE.

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