Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some interesting sonographic images:

There is a whole load of ultrasound images added to my site at: The site has been pepped up with a new look and easy to use interface. I have added a search box on the home page to sift through the contents of the site. I wanted to add a slide show option for the images but found it problematic. As before, all images are free to view.
1) At the page: is a case of IUFD with Spalding’s sign. Many books these days simply don’t have images of this sign.
2) At , there is nice case of bicornuate uterus with a gestation sac in one cornu.
3) At : I have added a rare image of Vein of Galen aneurysm.
4) At: : there are new cases of fetal cardiac anomalies including AVSD and pericardial mass. I hope to add some nice fetal echo videos to this section, but need a little help to edit mpg videos. Can somebody help me?
There are plenty more pictures but, I’ll tell you later.