Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bulky uterus

The above ultrasound images show what is called a bulky uterus. This term is used when the uterus is larger than normal for the age of the patient. The common causes include -1) the post partum stage (after delivery/ childbirth), when the uterus is still large in size after delivery (the process of shrinking in size of the uterus to its normal size is called involution), 2) fibroids, 3) adenomyosis etc. These patients often complain of discomfort in the pelvic region and menstrual problems. Another cause of enlarged or bulky uterus in middle aged women is increase in the BMI (body mass index). Higher the BMI and obesity are associated with larger or bulkier uterus. See this link: Bulky uterus and obesity The ultrasound images above show a diffusely enlarged uterus with no evidence of masses (tumors) or other pathologies.

The above is an ultrasound video clip of a case of bulky uterus seen in sagittal section. Observe the increased size of the liver without any other pathology. This was a middle aged (52 year) old female patient with back pain. Bulky uterus is a common finding among middle aged menopausal women.

This middle aged lady with the bulky uterus (same case as above) also has a significant deposition of fat within the liver, resulting in moderate fatty change. Many middle aged Asian women present with both bulky uterus and fatty liver.