Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Normal lower limb venous doppler study- using convex probe

very often while performing venous Doppler study, imaging conditions are poor due to oedema of the lower limbs with the result that it is nearly impossible to visualise adequately the veins using a high frequency linear ultrasound  probe. In these conditions, the use of our convex probe of lower frequency like the one we used for the lower limb venous Doppler study, is the only practical alternative. And indeed, the results are quiet good, even impressive with a 3.5 MHz probe. Of course, when needed, one must change the PRF settings as the situation demands.
This was a normal venous Doppler study of the right lower limb and performed entirely using the convex ultrasound probe.
1. the right femoral and great saphenous veins:
normal Valsalva manoeuvre

2. The right femoral vein- normal augmentation on calf pressure:
3. Normal compressibility of the right popliteal vein:

4. Normal, anterior tibial vein and artery:
5.The normal paired posterior tibial veins and posterior tibial artery:
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