Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pregnancy with fibroid and hypocoiled cord:

A large fibroid seen in the fundus of the uterus- gestational age- 14 weeks. Despite the large size of the intramural fibroid, it does not appear to compress on the uterine cavity, but actually bulges outwards.

 Color Doppler imaging shows lack of significant vascularity within the mass:

Follow up ultrasound images at 24 weeks gestational age:

The fibroid has not increased in size. The fetus shows normal growth parameters. However, there is also an additional finding- observe the umbilical cord:

There is lack of normal coiling of the cord in this same case. Called hypocoiling of the cord, this finding must result in a detailed study of the fetus for any congenital anomalies and also regular follow up ultrasonography to monitor fetal health.
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