Monday, April 18, 2011

Nice links on kidney stones:

My last blog was on kidney stones (renal calculi and urinary calculi). Here are some really good links on urinary stone disease:
As usual emedicine has done some really good work up on kidney stones, from symptoms to treatment. But on ultrsonography of kidney stones visit:
For the patient and layman visit:
For information on medullary sponge kidneys visit:


  1. dear sir, after a severe pain.i was diagnosed 6mm calculi in the right vu junction with hydro ureter nephrosis , 5 mm calculi in the right kidney 7 mm calculi in the left kidney.i undergone treatment with trips and frusemide injection i drink plenty of water every day about 6 liter . now the pain has gone but i feel slight pain before i pass urine. please suggest me for further treatment

  2. I advise- 1) do repeat ultrasound exam.
    2) meet urologist for continued treatment if needed.
    Dr. Joe

  3. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Sir, good evening.
    My ct kub reports says that "NCCT findings reveal small right vuj calculus without significant proximal hydroureteronephrosis. Note is also made of non obstructing small right renal calculus. 3mm calculus is seen in right middle calyx. 3 mm calculus is seen at right vuj. my question is either i have to stone or only one. which is better for me surgery or to wait some time on medicine. Please guide sir. K

    1. K...Advise you to meet a urologist at earliest. Depending on size of VUJ calculus, surgical intervention may be needed. For the other 3 mm. calculi in kidney, follow up with repeat ultrasound is advisable......
      Dr. Joe