Saturday, April 03, 2010

A sonographic picture review of renal pathology:

The ultrasound image (courtesy of Ravi Kadasne, MD) above shows a rather prominent layer of perirenal fat around the right kidney (arrows) separating the kidney from the adjacent liver. This is a normal finding, but perirenal fat may be altered by presence of hemorrhage into this layer. (See:
For more renal ultrasound pictures and reviews:
See this page: It describes, with ultrasound images, many of the major pathologies that affect the human kidneys. Among the conditions that are described are normal variants like fetal lobulation and ectopic kidney/ horseshoe kidney. This is a common finding for the sonologist. Then the page shows ultrasound images of polycystic kidney disease and other non- lethal cystic diseases such as renal cortical cysts and calyceal cyst. Then there is detailed ultrasound review of renal malignancy. Renal failure is yet another lethal and very common disease that has been covered on this page.

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