Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ultrasound imaging in colitis:

This is a nice ultrasound image of colitis in a child. Observe the grossly thickened wall of the caecum and the associated mesenteric lymph node enlargement. This child also had other findings including round worm infestation and appendicitis.

See: (for full case and more ultrasound images).

Image courtesy of Dr. Gunjan Puri, Surat, India.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gastric wall thickening

These ultrasound images of the stomach wall show considerable thickening of the pyloric wall (13 to 16 mm. thickness). Such thickening of stomach wall is seen in infiltrative lesions sucha s adenocarcinoma of the stomach and lymphoma. Images courtesy of Dr. Ravi Kadasne, UAE.
For more images of the stomach and GIT visit:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Focal fatty change of liver:

Focal fatty change of the liver is caused by the combined effect of steatosis with hepatic ischemia. This ultrasound image shows a typical focal fatty infiltration of the right lobe of liver. Note the absence of mass effect which distinguishes focal fatty change from other space occupying lesions of the liver. Image courtesy of Dr. ravi Kadasne, UAE. The ultrasound machine used here is the IU 22 from Philips.


Also see the link: for more sonographic images of fatty liver and other hepatic metabolic diseases.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


In this newest page of my gallery of ultrasound images, I have added some pictures of nephrocalcinosis in neonate. Check:
The images are self explanatory and show a relatively common problem in neonates following long term (weeks or months) of parenteral therapy besides certain medications. On another page, I describe the same disease in adults (see: ). But it is in neonates that the pathology is so clearly evident on sonography, the reason being the better visualization of the pediatric abdomen and also the extent of involvement of the kidneys. In fact, it is often difficult to distinguish nephrocalcinosis from renal calculi, so dense is the extent of calcification.