Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Viral fever epidemic in Kerala

Kerala is once again in the grip of a viral fever. This time the situation is worse than last year (2006). All the more mysterious is the fact that most lab tests are negative for most known pathogens (viruses) and the cause is presumed to be chikungunya virus. Then why are tests for chikungunya negative. Possibly, this time (May to Sep 2007), the virus is a mutated sub-strain. Worst is the distribution of the epidemic; whole villages and towns in the rural areas are affected, sparing almost no one. Surprisingly, children are relatively spared with the elderly worst affected. As before, most patients have symptoms of severe bodyache, low grade fever and joint pain and swelling.
1) bed rest
2) Meftal 500 mg (oral) -2 to 3 times a day is found to be VERY effective in controlling the joint pain and bodyache. (Meftal- is mefenamic acid with paracetamol). Caution: not be taken on empty stomach. May cause gastritis.
3) plenty of fluids
Note: Please consult your physician before starting treatment.


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Are there vaccines for viral infections such as this?

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Why no one is agitating and demanding action to control this. Why WHO is not involved?

  3. No vaccines known to work so far.

    I think the Govt. does not realize or is underplaying the real magnitude of the problem.
    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.