Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ultrasound scan of rupture of uterus:

Rupture of the uterus during delivery is a known complication of pregnancy. The commonest cause is vaginal delivery after a caesarean section. Other causes include, previous surgery for tumors like fibroids and also prior classical caesareans, where the incision was placed in the upper uterus. Labor inducing medications can also cause rupture. I present ultrasound images of uterine rupture with severe hemorrhage on my ultrasound gallery at:
On ultrasound scan, the typical findings are breach of the uterine wall, with a hypoechoic collection of blood outside the uterus. Follow up scans revealed diminishing of the size of the collection. One of the images of this case is shown here. Images courtesy of Dr. Durr-e-Sabih, Pakistan.


  1. Anoop1:28 AM

    che.. i came here to read abt cochin and what what i see is punchures uterus and stuffs.... just joking yaar

  2. You'd almost need to have a college degree to have access to such rare images...

  3. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Thank you for posting this. I am a sonographer and have been looking for such images. They are excelent.
    Melissa Clement Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  4. Hi Melissa and Penny,
    Thanks for your comments. That's what keeps my site alive. :-)

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