Monday, December 10, 2012

3D ultrasound images gallery from 5 weeks embryos to 14 weeks old fetuses

This is a gallery of 3D ultrasound images of embryos from 5 weeks to 14 weeks gestational age fetuses:
3D ultrasound images of 5 week old embryo:

 3D ultrasound images of 7 week old embryos:

Now here are 3D ultrasound images of an 8 weeks old embryo:

Now for some nice 3-D ultrasound images of a nine weeks old fetus. I could actually see the limb buds in the 3-D view.....have a look:

And here again are the transvaginal ultrasound images of the early fetus, again in 3-D. You can actually see the yolk sac (YS) very clearly now:

Here are some 3D ultrasound images of a 10 week old fetus. All these cases and images are of different fetuses:

And now for 3-D ultrasound images of 12 week old fetus:

Lastly, some 3D sonographic images of a 13 week old fetus:

A 3D ultrasound image of twin pregnancy at 9 weeks gestational age:

Some nice 3D ultrasound images I captured on the Philips HD 15....3D imaging has a pretty long learning period during which one gets the hang of it. These 3D ultrasound images show a 13 week old fetus. Whilst the lower limbs are seen beautifully, I found it difficult to get the upper limbs in the same image:

Lastly some superb 3D images (courtesy of Jill Beithon) using the Voluson E8:

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