Monday, April 19, 2010

Subserosal fibroid

Sagittal section Ultrasound image through the uterus shows a large (almost 7 cms. diameter) fibroid in close relation to the fundus of the uterus. This is most likely a subserosal (subserous) fibroid, as almost the entire mass lies just below the serosal layer covering the uterus (ie the peritoneal cover of the uterus). However the other possibility is that of the mass being pedunculated (ie has a stalk connected to the fundus or upper part of the uterus).

Power Doppler image shows considerable vascularity around the fibroid.

I have loads of ultrasound images of different types of fibroids on this page:
Case-2: Subserosal fibroid pressing upon and effacing the emdometrial stripe:
This ultrasound video clip shows a transverse section through the fibroid, panning from the upper border of the uterine fundus to the cervix. One can see that the fibroid arises from the right lateral aspect of the fundus.
  And this is an ultrasound video clip in the sagittal plane of the uterus, panning the ultrasound probe from the right parasagittal to the left.

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