Thursday, June 26, 2008

A sonographic atlas of the appendix-in ebook format

Here is a great (e-book) Atlas of sonographic images (version 1.0) of the appendix in Microsoft Power Point (.pps format). Covering almost all major pathologies of the appendix, this will be useful as a guide to normal and the abnormal appendix. It contains more than 25 high resolution ultrasound images, all of which are well labelled and captioned, leaving little to the imagination. Among the topics covered in this e-book are 1) normal appendix 2) acute appendicitis 3) chronic appendicitis 4) subhepatic and pelvic locations of the appendix 5) perforation 6) color doppler imaging of the appendix 7) appendicolith etc. It can be downloaded instantly for a mere $ 5.0 via secure site.
Or perhaps you might want to download another version 2.0 of this sonographic Atlas priced at a mere $ 7.0 at this secure site. This e-book (version 2.0) is in .pdf (adobe acrobat reader) format and can be downloaded at:
Adobe reader can be downloaded for free from
Version 2.0 contains more than 40 high res ultrasound images of appendicular pathology.


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