Friday, April 07, 2006

Really cool web sites- my selection

A) Business and finance:
1)FOR Indian MUTUAL FUNDS this is the best:
It has a lovely portfolio manager. I could not find any that can compare with this one.
2) For advise on ways to make money, especially, internet based small business-
this is good:
3) To check the sensex value and the share market: try
or you could try the NSE at :
B) about all things Cochin and Kerala: try this good blog-
It covers current hot topics in Kerala, especially on the literary front, books, cooking etc.
It also has a detailed explanation on how to download and install Malayalam font.
C) For POP supported email services:1) try
POP or post-office protocol is what enables receiving email via Outlook, Eudora or other email
client software. Usermail charges a small fee, but has excellent service. I have been using it for
the past 3 years. It is virus free and spam free.
2) Gmail is also an excellent option. But the only problem is that you've got to be invited by a Gmail
D) To help you choose that fancy digicams, TVs, PDA and mobile phones this
web site is great. It has prices and detailed specification of the latest and older models.
You can even compare the various features of all the models that catch your eye.
E) Want to verify whether that email or information you received is fact or fiction.
Try this site:
F) To translate this web-site to other languages, try this link:
G) For those magic home remedies for every ailment, try this site:
This site has many useful tips, which doctors themselves may find useful.

If you are interested in ultrasound, this web site is a must. It has a large collection of ultrasound images with a brief description of each case. Visit: free to view ultrasound gallery>>


  1. tooo cool!! Will run through this and post comments.. but thankl you for this blog!

  2. This is in response to your question on my blog, Dr. Razavi's Good to Know Info:

    I am not an expert in building blogs, but I can tell you what advice was given me. Make it a little more personal. Put down your philosophy and maybe a picture if you are comfortable with that. My personal preference is not to make it look too busy.
    Good luck with your blog.